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"Own Your Story Before Your Story Owns You"

The Holy Potholes of Christianity is a book that every Christian and every church leader should read. This book teaches you to “Be your own person” while navigating around the potholes in life. Pastor Al Schuessler has truly captured the joys and struggles we all go through in God’s plan.

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"Own Your Story Before Your Story Owns You" is a new book being released in June 2022. It is a book that unfolds the journey we often take in life of brokenness, transformation and transparency in experiencing the abundant life.  It is a book with positive information to help us deal with a negative culture. Owning your story will help you leverage your story in the future.

In reading this book, it changed my understanding about my ministry, my personal life, and my spiritual journey that I am on today.

Pastor Bruce Thomas, Glenville Church

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