Brokenness is your pain transformation is your gain

Updated: Mar 23

This quote is taken from my book “Own Your Story Before Your Story Owns You” I believe the message in this book can be life changing and can become a defining moment in so many lives!

The book editing is complete and is now ready for the printing press. I encourage you to get a copy and to read every page in this book. I will soon have more detail as to where you can get a copy. The first book I wrote, “The Holy Potholes Of Christianity” was inspirational for the reader. I believe this book will be transformational for the reader. It is my desire that God will be glorified, Jesus will be elevated and the Holy Spirit will be yielded to through the message of this book!

This book has been in the making for over a year and I am excited in getting it released!

Albert Schuessler

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Hi, this is Al Schuessler author of the new book "Own Your Story Before Your Story Owns You." The book is being type set at the present time and should be published in a few weeks. I will let you know