Manuscript headed to Xulon Publishers

The "Own Your Story Before Your Story Owns You" manuscript is headed to the publisher. Should be released in a couple of months. I'm excited about the timing of this book. The negative times in which we are living in today are actually controlling the pen that is writing many of our stories. As I write about in this book, sometimes our story can be verbalized as the good, the bad and the ugly. These are ugly days we are living in. It would be very easy to become very ugly in our behavior. However, the book is about leveraging the brokenness and transformation we go through in life in which God has transformed the ugly and worked it together for good for us to live a positive, transparent and an abundant life. Many have given up on our families, our churches, our nation, our spiritual growth and our future. To do so is to give up on God. We must "never stop seeing beyond what we see" for if we stop seeing beyond, we will have overlooked the God of this universe, who is beyond all beyond! You can find this website at link.

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Hi, this is Al Schuessler author of the new book "Own Your Story Before Your Story Owns You." The book is being type set at the present time and should be published in a few weeks. I will let you know