Xulon Diagnosing the Book Manuscript

The "Own Your Story Before Your Story Owns You" manuscript is in the diagnostic review stage at Xulon Press. I am looking forward in receiving the review report. The manuscript will then go through a full editing stage along with book cover design. I enjoy being creative in mind and seeing where that creativity ends up in its final stage. I encourage you to check out my web site at heartburncafe. net and to listen to my podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Breaker, and Overcast.

God gave you a clean sheet of paper today to write your story for this day. Keep writing your story because your story is important and needs to be shared with others. No matter the good, the bad or the ugly, it's your story, so it is important for you to own your story in order to move on in life. God bless your story!

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Hi, this is Al Schuessler author of the new book "Own Your Story Before Your Story Owns You." The book is being type set at the present time and should be published in a few weeks. I will let you know