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This book is based upon the King James Version of Psalm 90:9-12. The psalmist describes life as a tale or story that is told. The reader is confronted with the possibility of experiencing painful situations while traveling through life. The lesson is leveraging our brokenness, transformation and transparency to live an abundant life. The book pictures this transformation using the crawling caterpillar transforming into a fluttering butterfly. It answers the question that to experience this victory is to Own Your Story Before Your Story Owns You. In other words, name and claim your valuable story. Albert Schuessler was born and raised on a farm in rural Kansas. Albert became a believer in Christ as a young boy while his family attended a small Baptist Church near their home. His faith was the catalyst in forming his own story to where his journey is today. He attended and graduated from High School in Valley Center, Kansas. He is an artist and enjoys oil painting. He is an author who has written a book titled "The Holy Potholes of Christianity." Albert is a graduate of Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri. After graduating from Bible college, he entered the pastorate and has been pastoring for 53 years serving Faith Bible Baptist Church in Valley Center, Kansas for 28 years. He has been married to his wife Shirley for 63 years. They have three sons, ten grandchildren and 14 great grandchildren.

Own Your Story Before Your Story Owns You: Name and Claim Your Valuable Story

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