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The Holy Potholes of Christianity answers the question so many Christians have in their Christian journey. That question is, "does Christianity work?" The reason we ask this question is because of the fussing, feuding, and fighting among Christians in our families, churches and nation. This seems to be totally contrary and contradictory to the teaching of God's word. While traveling the Christian life journey we find ourselves driving right into the potholes on the road of life. Sometimes it is a very small pothole and it only jolts us ripping the steering wheel of life out of our hands. It may be a very deep pothole damaging our vehicle of life enough that we must get it repaired before we continue our journey. Then there is that gigantic pothole of life we drive into that totally wrecks our life, and we end up in the junk yard of life. Only the grace of God can salvage us and get us back on the road. In this book we find the winning strategy to navigate the potholes of Christianity. The Bible teaches that out of the heart are the issues of life. In other words, everything we say and do issues out of the heart. In order to deal with the potholes of fussing, feuding, and fighting we must take a look at our own hearts and deal with them which ultimately means dealing with our egos. Each chapter of the book deals with a particular spiritual heart condition that we must address. It is a journey that will take us from a corrupt heart to a clean heart. It is what I call the eighteen inch journey from the head to the heart. This journey is filled with many potholes that we need to negotiate in order to arrive at the clean heart condition which is God's ideal destination for our lives. Once we have completed the journey in dealing with the various heart conditions it will help us in the relationships we have established, developed, and maintained. This book teaches how to move from a head-to head to a heart-to heart relationship which will ultimately eliminate the chaos and conflict in our relationships and will provide peace and tranquility in family, church, and nation. What then is the answer to the question "does Christianity work?" The answer is found in this book which explains that the winning strategy of negotiating the potholes of this eighteen inch journey and finding peace in our relationships is none other then God allowing brokenness in our lives. When our heart is broken and our ego deflated we then experience the fruit of the Holy Spirit of God flowing from our heart. It is very simple - Christianity works when we understand that out of the heart flows the issues of life. It is not to be our life flowing from our heart; it must be the life of God flowing from our lives for us to experience this winning strategy.

The Holy Potholes of Christianity: Does Christianity work or will it trip you up

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